Thursday, December 16, 2010

Beyza's Bolognese Sauce

Serves 4 


500 gr mince
2 large brown onions
4 - 5 clove of garlic
5 tomatoes
2 large carrots
1 cup of tomato paste
a bunch of parsley
olive oil
some boiling water
1 tabs paprika (optional)
parmesan cheese to serve

               Chop the onions very finely.
               Chop the garlic very finely.
               Peel the skin of the carrots and grate them very finely.
               Peel the skin of the tomatoes, deseed them and chop them.
               Chop the parsley very finely.
               Put some olive oil to a saucepan.
               Add chopped onions to the oil. Stir it, continue until they get brown.
               Add chopped garlic to the onions. Continue to cook.
               Add grated carrots. Stir it, continue to cook together.
               When carrots get soft and start changing colour add the mince.
               Stir it carefully you don't want meatballs.
               Add chopped tomatoes. Cook.
               Add chopped parsley. Cook.
               Add the tomato paste.
               Add some boiling water otherwise it would be a very thick sauce. (You can also mix the tomato paste and the boiling water before you add them to the mixture it doesn't make any difference.)
               Keep stirring it should be ready just in couple of minutes I know you can smell it and I know your neighbours also can smell it! ( It happened to us actually this evening, Oh garlic! )

                                 There are only few things left to do!

Serve with any pasta you like and put the parmesan cheese on top and most important one ENJOY IT!

Best Bolognese you'll ever gonna try!!!

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