Sunday, December 5, 2010

Turkish Style Rice (Pilav)

Serves 4

1 tab butter
1 tab olive oil (extra virgin)
1/4 cup risoni
1 cup medium grain rice (you can use long grain as well 
but make sure they're not the thin asian style ones or jasmine) 

Prepare the rice:
- Place rice into heatproof dish.
- Cover with boiling water.
- Add some salt.
- Stir it up a bit to make sure they don't stick together.
- Let it stand for 10-15 mins.
- Wash and strain the rice.

               Mix oil and butter in a saucepan.
               Brown the risoni.
               Add prepared rice and stir it up for 6 mins.
               Cover with boiling water and cold water. ( to make sure about the balance if you put only boiling water it goes away easily and if you put only cold water it takes to much time to cook)Add some salt.
               Cook with the lid on for approx 20mins. (checking water level. if all water's gone and rice is not cooked yet, add a little bit more water.)
               When it's cooked remove from heat.
               Place paper or tea towel on top of the saucepan and cover with lid.
               Let it stand for 5 mins.
                                            Ready to serve.


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