Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tas Kebabı (Lamb Stew)

 Serves 4 - 5


2 kg lamb ( no fat no bones, 
chopped into 1 or 2 inch coupes )
1 kg onion
1/3 packet of dried thyme (it's up to you, 
if you like more herby taste feel free to add more:))
125 gr butter


               Start melting the half of the butter in a saucepan.
               Add the lamb.
               Brown the lamb.
               Put the lid on and continue to cook 20 mins. (check and stir it up every couple of mins)
               Cut the onions into 2 pieces. ( if they are too big you can also cut them into 4 pieces but DO NOT chop them.)
               Place the onions on the top of the meat, put the lid on and let them cook together for a while.
               After couple of mins stir and mix the meat with onions.
               Continue to do the same thing for about 2 hours.
               The meat meant to cook by itself without putting any extra water BUT if the water goes away while you are cooking add some boiling water and keep checking the water level each time you stir it.
               After 2 hours taste the meat if it's not quit ready yet keep cooking.
               If it's ready, melt the other half of the butter in a small saucepan and add the thyme.
               Keep cooking them for 2 mins together and then add the buttery sauce to the meat.
               Add some salt and pepper. ( it's up to you and how much you would like to put.)
                               Ready to serve!!!

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